Feminine Space

In collaboration with Andrea Masia, Claudia Layrisse, Lorena Aliendres and Patricia Heredia.

A series in which I explore those moments of return through five contemporary women, who underwent the exercise of being lost in their privacy in front of the camera.

The exploration of this universe through the feminine has been a constant in my work and perhaps the initial inspiration was given to me by Edward Hopper, whose work studies those states of introspection, reverie, disconnection from the material world, especially with female characters. Particularly eloquent for me is his 1952 Morning Sun, in which his wife Josephine serves as a model.

Bad Streaming

In a world in which access to reality is mediated by networks, content and its quality are increasingly beyond our control. In "Bad Streaming" these images distorted by a saturated connection confront us with the possibility that what we receive is not what actually happens, but a version adapted to our conditions and possibilities.

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Sistema Nervioso

In 2013 I created an exclusive photo series for Instagram called "Sistema Nervioso". When I did it, I was thinking of Instagram as a place to distribute images outside of the traditional loop. Unfortunately Instagram lost its way, but now the technologies around NFTs allow me to achieve that goal that I sensed 8 years ago.

"Nervous System" is a series of images that explore the intrinsic, perhaps invisible, connections in the natural world.

This collection is available at under my username: jmramirezg

Inner Bodies

The notion of erotic pleasure, although it is related to the body, can be altered if that vision of the body is total, internal; if we put the brutality of the disease, the invisible internal degeneration before external beauty, the erotic experience is transmuted to another type of aesthetic experience. This series explores the notion of disease and death in the times of the disproportionate cult of erotic beauty.

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Meditation pools

This series was inspired by a vision and a memory: the vision of a swimmer who monotonously crossed the pool from one side to the other, while I accompanied him, with my gaze, trying to synchronize with his thoughts. The memory was not that of my swimming moments, but of the sensation that David Hockney's series of pools conveyed to me, his search to and from the photographic, the continuous movement of water, and the connection with the studies on the water of Leonardo da Vinci.

These images of pools work as meditation machines, vehicles for introspection. At the same time they are metaphors of life; spaces of isolation and meditation for the swimmer and the observer, in an increasingly interconnected and schizophrenic world.

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